Conquering Avocados

How to always have a fresh supply of ripe avocados:

Sample the Goods

Start out by picking a ripe avocado from the store you plan to shop from. Some stores just aren’t able to provide avocados that are not rotten by the time they are ripe, so start out with a small amount as you check around from store to store to find the ones that will work for you. I buy bags of organic avocados from Walmart.

Buy A Lot

Once you have found the avocados that will work for you, I suggest to buy enough for about 1 week while they aren’t ripe yet. Leave the unripened avocados on a towel on your counter until they are ripe.

But a Lot

Once Ripe, Transition to the Refrigerator

A ripe avocado is still firm but has just a slight bit of give when you press your finger into it. The window for a ripe avocado is so small that once they reach the early stages, place them in the refrigerator right away to slow down the process.

Buy Some More

When you are about half-way done with your refrigerated avocados, be on the lookout for more unripened avocados from the store to place on the counter to ripen.