My Motivation

I believe in the eternal impact of choices that we make here on earth. This stems from the belief that the universe and, in fact, my very existence was no accident. My faith in Jesus and my desire to be like Him is something that I think about as I actively pursue choices and actions that I believe honor God. When I take time to make sure that I’m in optimal physical and emotional health, I’m in the best position to love, help, and give to others. If I neglect my health, then inevitably, I will not be able to do as much for others and will require much more help myself to just get by in life. I want to excel and make the biggest positive impact possible–not just get by.

Many of my family and friends have been severely impacted by type II diabetes and other health issues connected to metabolic syndrome. The pain and heartache is horrendous and it has driven me to find the real answers for optimal health and wellness.

When I implemented the healthy practices discussed on this web-site, I was blown away by how life changing they were for me. Despite eating extremely healthfully by common perception, I continued to suffer with acid reflux, constant joint pains, and energy/mood swings connected to food. All of my health problems cleared up very quickly and sustainably. Knowing that the information I have has revolutionized my life and that it could help people that are worse off to a much greater degree has made me very passionate to share what I know.