This website will probably evolve over time but the initial intended purpose is to provide a clear and concise big picture view of simple habits you can shift to provide insane health and vitality benefits. I want you to implement them so that you can prevent and reverse modern western diseases.

Despite overwhelming evidence for each of my viewpoints, I openly admit that you can find evidence to support any viewpoint no matter how crazy. For example, there are groups of people who believe the best treatment for type 2 diabetes is a high carbohydrate diet and loads of insulin injections. I think that treatment plan is insane. I don’t think this website will ever be about trying to prove each of my viewpoints. It will likely remain a collection of simple habits that you can shift your thinking on and an inspirational story of how my life was transformed by doing the same.

One of the most eye-opening presentations I have seen to describe the benefits of fasting and low carbohydrate, high-fat diets is by Dr. Jason Fung. He is a nephrologist in Canada who stepped out of the echo chamber of modern medicine, put his reputation on the line, and even his medical license to raise awareness to a message that anyone with pre-diabetes or type II diabetes desperately needs and that almost anyone can benefit from greatly. In addition to being a practicing nephrologist, he operates an Intensive Dietary Management clinic where he personally prescribed therapeutic fasting and diet changes to 100s and 100s of patients with type II diabetes with the end result of reversing the disease, losing weight sustainably, and eliminating the need for exogenous insulin.

Check out this video by Dr. Jason Fung:

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