I’m very confident and optimistic about the positive effects of my lifestyle choices on my present and future. Here is a record of actual health metrics over time which may be useful inspiration for you but will also prove to myself in an unbiased way that my lifestyle choices are working for me and not against me. Because I’m always willing to accept new and better information, I will make adjustments with grace and humility if I’m no longer satisfied with my current methods or find better methods!

Current Goal

Build muscle while reducing body fat percentage. Achieve a baseline level of fitness.

Action Steps

I’m fasting for 23 hours each day. I work and exercise before my meal. I’m not counting calories so I’m just eating until full (plus maybe a little extra which is not necessarily something I recommend). The macronutrients of most of my meals are Low Carbohydrate, Moderate Protein, and High Fat. I’m not super dogmatic about that ratio for my specific goals and in practice, that means that I might eat some berries with a meal on a regular day and on a rare occasion I might indulge in a Dairy Queen Blizzard or typical American restaurant food. I exercise to an extent that pushes me to the edge of my comfort zone for approximately 20-30 minutes 6 days a week.

Jason / Height: 6'-3" / Born 1985

Date3-Mile RunPull-UpsBMIBody Fat PercentageWeightWaist MeasurementBlood Pressure
7/30/2017521.4Visual 17%171 Pounds34"
9/16/2017718.4Visual 14%147 Pounds32 5/8"
9/23/2017could not complete without walking (restrictive nose breathing in/out)10
9/30/2017could not complete without walking (restrictive nose breathing in/out)9
10/7/201730:12 (restrictive nose breathing in/out)1118.9151 Pounds109/62 74BPM
11/4/201722:321118.9Visual 12%151 Pounds32 1/2"
11/19/201722:1212103/66 61BPM
11/25/201723:08 (restrictive nose breathing in/out)14
12/2/201720:451619.115332 1/2"
8/2/20181410% Calipers16332 1/2"
9/9/2018188% Calipers16032.375

Negative Side Effects

Instead of easing into fasting, I started off with 5 days of putting nothing in my mouth except water. I believe the negative side effects I had initially were well worth it but could have been avoided entirely if I gradually transitioned my diet and level of fasting. Nevertheless, I will list any negative side effects I had here and I will continue to update as time goes on.

In your own journey, it is important to look at the big picture when it comes to the experiences you are going through. As an example, if diabetic neuropathy caused you to lose feeling in your foot but you change your diet and incorporate fasting into your lifestyle, your nerves can start to regenerate. In this case, you will initially feel a stabbing pain come back to your foot, which seems like a negative side effect, but is just a signal of the restoration of your nerve damage.

  • Minor dizziness when quickly transitioning from lying down to standing up; Update: Went away after about 1-month and likely caused by electrolyte imbalance.
  • Increased tingling in my arms and legs likely connected to blood circulation; Update: Went back to normal gradually over a period of 1-month and continues to improve beyond normal.

Positive Side Effects

  • My issue of Acid Reflux that impacted every day of my life for 13+ years is completely gone!
  • My persistant joint pain (knees, shoulders, eblows, and hips) is gone.
  • I no longer have mood swings connected to food and seem to have a constant energy supply.
  • My digestion is much improved and my stomach pains connected to food are illiminated.
  • Despite being an active person my whole life, my ability for endurance activies (such as running) suddenly and drastically improved.
  • Improved blood cirulcation which reduced the tingling sensation I had in my arms during certain activities.